The purpose of NHJury.com is to advance the ideas and ideals of jury nullification in New Hampshire. To achieve this purpose, NHJury.com:

  • Educates. Education is our fundamental mission; to educate the public and jury members about jury nullification, the legal role of a juror and the power a juror has in our judicial systems. We also strive to educate legislators; our goal is to strengthen the protections for defendants under New Hampshire statutes.
  • Empowers. Provides potential jurors with the knowledge and confidence to fulfill their legal and conscientious roles in our judicial and to assert their rights and duty.
  • Expands. Through education and empowerment we seek to expand the defendant’s right to jury trial.

We inhabitants of New Hampshire are fortunate. Unlike in many other states, the right of jurors to vote their conscience and judge the law itself is generally recognized, upheld, and unhindered. However, most people who end up on a jury are unaware of their power, as the prosecuting team, in collusion with judges, actively seeks to eliminate prospective jurors who appear who appear to understand their rights and be willing to exercise them.

Most defendants choose to plead guilty, even to the pettiest of infractions that have nothing to do with the violation of anyone’s life, liberty, or property.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for prospective jurors, educators, legislators, and activists in New Hampshire. As a matter of course, we aim to defend ourselves, our neighbors and loved ones from tyrannical laws designed to control and enslave us rather than protect us from aggression, fraud, or other true crimes.

This is the true purpose of the trial by jury, a fact once universally understood but now ‘educated’ out of the majority of the people.

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