Miami: Jury Acquits Journalist Arrested While Videotaping Police

A jury acquitted a Florida photojournalist who was arrested on January 31 while documenting the eviction of Occupy Miami protesters. The police accused Carlos Miller, author of a popular blog about the rights of photojournalists, of disobeying a lawful police order to clear the area.

Timothy B. Lee,

One thing that worked in Miller’s favor was that he was able to recover the videography that the police had erased, and use it against them in court.

Unfortunately for nearly all victims of police abuse, there is no evidence such as video.  In many of those instances the false accusations are assumed to be true, especially if all police involved tell the same lie. One wonders how many more  lives will be ruined or damaged by false witness on the part of police? False testimony aided by gullible jurors who refuse to believe that the police are just as human as the rest of us, just as given to sin and corruption can severely impact and victimize innocent people.