NHJury.com has been around for a few years, but really hasn’t done much more than cover the jury nullification scene and passed out some flyers.

Jury Nullification, particularly in New Hampshire, is starting to become quite a movement, and we felt that it was time to scale up the operation so we can tell more potential jurors about their natural right of nullification.

Recently, we formed a Board of Directors and we are looking for some Great Ideas for getting this organization started.

Our friends at the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund have offered us a $1,000 grant to jump-start NHJury.com, plus another $500 as an incentive for people to give us ideas that we can use to raise funds and get the word out about jury nullification.

Any idea is welcome, but if you want the 50 bucks, your idea should include a plan for raising funds.

We could use some help here. Go to http://nhjury.com/greatideas if you have an idea about fundraising or getting the word out. You can win up to $50 worth of FRNs, silver, or bitcoin.